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This cute Humboldt Park Puerto Rican eatery features exposed brick walls, oak floors, plenty of unusual custommade artwork, and a beautiful wood bar housing an extensive rum collection. You can even get a glimpse of the kitchen at work through the large glass-paned windows in the rear of the dining room. Try the sampler platter to start, a combo of mini-pastelilios (beef-stuffed turnovers), bolitas de yautia (a battered and deep-fried root vegetable), arannitas (shattered plantain fritters) and coconut-crusted shrimp. Entrees are divided into "classic" and "modern." Classic options include mofongo, a plantain stuffed with shrimp, chicken or shrimp, and asopaos, a hearty Puerto Rican stew served with with tostones, while modern selections range from lamb chops in papaya sauce to a mahi mahi filet in a lobster bisque. House-made rum and coconut ice cream makes a tasty finish to any meal. In the summer, the front windows open onto a small sidewalk cafe; two gazebos provide shelter in inclement weather.