Club Foot

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What was once a corner bar in a nondescript working-class neighborhood has become a hipster hangout in this gentrifying area of Chicago. Club Foot still has the appeal of its old-time origins--the ornate, hand-carved bar, the high ceilings, etc., but the East Village spot is also packed with an explosion of pop-culture knick knacks, action figures and inflatable toys. This is the place to wear your Quisp T-shirt. The walls are also a kind of reminder of gone-but-not-forgotten bars: the original Exit, Dreamerz, Tut's, O'Bannons...all part of the past, yet still resonating in the present. A DJ booth near the back commands a comfortable little dance area, and there's almost always someone spinning. Don't expect the same sounds night after night; you might be in hillbilly heaven one night, ska central the next, and punk paradise after that.