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This Wicker Park spot specializes in customizable ice cream and other frozen treats, such as low-fat and non-fat fro-yo, sorbets and smoothies. But what, exactly, does "customizable ice cream" mean? Instead of choosing from pre-made selections in a dairy cooler, you get to create your own product. First select your base (such as reduced-fat or soy milk), then choose a sweetener (such as liquid sugar or honey), then move on to add-ins and flavors. You can even add colors if you want. Mix-masters then whip up your custom creation in a commercial mixer with liquid nitrogen piped into the bowl from a tank mounted above the kitchen. (It's all designed for entertainment, with mixers at eye level so you can watch the smoke show from the liquid nitrogen.) The result has a slightly firmer texture than typical soft-serve ice cream. If it's too cold out for ice cream, there's also hot pudding, steamed to order.