CLOSED: Frank's Meats Patty

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The team behind Fatso's Last Stand (formerly Phil's Last Stand) plans to open Franks Meats Patty Dec. 1, serving the same menu found at their Ukrainian Village hot dog stand, including housemade mac 'n' cheese, fried shrimp, char-grilled salami and burgers reminiscent of the ones at In-N-Out Burger. Like the West Coast chain, Fatso's has a secret menu, and the shrimp po' boy that's been a favorite there will be on the regular menu at Frank Meats Patty. The space will only be cosmetically altered and Frank Meats Patty will use some equipment purchased from Hot Doug's. Corbett said the restaurant is considering paying tribute to its predecessor by serving duck fat fries on weekends and wild game burgers once a month. Corbett said he hopes Frank Meats Patty will be popular with people who work nearby and but didn't have time to wait in the legendary lines at Hot Doug's on their lunch break. The new restaurant will also be open later, closing between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m., and will offer delivery.