Churrasco Brazil

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This new entry into the all-you-can-eat Brazilian steakhouse concept has taken up residence in the old Venuti's space in Villa Park. Co-owner and general manager Marcelo Rocha spent time in the Sal y Carvao camp before starting this venture. Expect the traditional pre-meat buffet, stop/go token on your table, gauchos slicing up various cuts of grilled beef, pork and chicken. At the buffet, choose from hearts of palm, chilled asparagus and artichokes and various other salads, from Caprese to potato. As for the meat, expect more than a dozen different kinds, including top-cut sirloin dusted with rock salt, pork tenderloin with parmesan cheese, chicken drumsticks and bacon-wrapped filets. The fixed price for both lunch and dinner is about $5 cheaper than the big churrascaria chains; desserts and drinks -- including, of course, a Brazilian caipirinha are priced separately.