Cellar Door Provisions

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This quaint venue serves up locally sourced food from farms near and dear to the owner's hearts. Light, reclaimed wood gives the space a rustic yet contemporary urban feel.Morning food can be so much more than two eggs over-easy, bacon and whole-wheat toast — which, when done thoughtfully, with pasteurized eggs, thick-sliced applewood-smoked bacon and high-quality artisan bread  Cellar Door guys mix their batter with local farm eggs and Midwestern-sourced flours. They infuse the batter with bay leaf and then let it sit at least overnight, and sometimes up to seven days, to rest. They create a mixture of butter and beeswax and paint individual expensive copper molds with the formula and let the molds sit in the fridge overnight. They pour the batter into the molds and bake it low and slow for an hour, and then infuse the cooked cakes with Koval single-barrel whiskey. This effort leads to a deep mahogany-colored, crispy, crusted exterior and a bubbly, custardy interior that is reminiscent of a slightly wetter old-school French eclair. Their quiche features light garlic notes and a side salad of local greens.