Cafeteria Marianao

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Don't underestimate this little shack in Logan Square--the authentic Cuban sandwiches and coffees keep the place packed daily. There's an English version of the menu over the grill but if you can speak a little Spanish, it helps. The regulars line the counter to order crusty grilled Cuban sandwiches (roasted pork, ham, cheese, mustard, pickles), toasty steak sandwiches or simple but tasty grilled ham and cheese, all a steal at under three bucks. Bags of plantain chips and potato chips are the only sides, and a cooler of Cuban and Mexican sodas are there to quench your thirst while waiting (the pineapple soda is particularly good). Coffee drinks are strong and addictive, especially the cafe con leche, dark roast Cuban coffee with sweetened condensed milk. The cortado is similar to a cappuccino and the cortadito is simply a smaller version. There are no seats but you're welcome to eat standing; you won't be alone.