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The phrase "don't judge a book by its cover'' perfectly applies to Cafe Lura. The outside of the building might dispel any expectations of great fun and interest. But what awaits inside Cafe Lura is European beauty. Dark colors are used all over, and brick, stone and wood are combined in what the latest generation of clubgoers would call "gothic." The bar at Cafe Lura is magnificent, with carved heads every few feet and heavy wooden bar chairs surrounding it. The cafe is divided into two areas; the bar is in the smaller space. The larger area is used for jazz, blues, Polish and American music concerts. Cafe Lura is definitely a Polish cafe, but the clientele can be quite mixed due to the chic ambience of the place. It's quite similar to the medieval cellar pubs in Krakow, Poland. Cafe Lura is a great place to meet a friend or to stay for the whole night. Check out the artwork on the walls, all done by Polish artists.