Bristol Deli and Liquors

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When first entering Bristol Deli and Liquors, one thinks of a White Hen or a 7-Eleven, but after a few steps into this long storefront deli in Logan Square, you realize you are in another world. Clerks asking if they can help you will throw you off balance because they'll ask in Polish. Deli smells of meat, sausage and dill fill the air. Bristol Deli and Liquors is more a little neighborhood grocery store of the sort you'd find in Poland than a regular deli found in the States. They not only offer Polish meat and sausage, but also carry some prepared Polish foods stored in freezer cases, and packaged goods can be found on the well-stocked shelves. In one section of the store there are liquors and beer from Poland and other countries. Check out the unique vodka bottles for sale behind the counter.