Best Intentions

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Dark corner tavern with wood-paneled walls, linoleum checkered floors and tchotchkes that hearken back to your grandpa's man cave. The carpeted bar seats about 20 and spans the length of the narrow room, which is cluttered with mismatched frames and a jukebox that plays 45s. Behind the bar is a beer fridge with a blocky sign that reads “Fancy cocktail bar". A second room is home to a few free arcade games, such as Big Buck Hunter, and leads to a large patio with its own bar. The menu board has all the classics—moscow mule, manhattan, negroni, old fashioned—simply stated in bold block letters.The bar menus, simple fabric-bound books that look like old schoolhouse texts, detail original drink creations and creole dishes, a recent partnership with Kevin Cowens of Prince Po’ Boys. There are $4 angostura shots from the draft on offer, housemade ginger beer ($4) and a wondermint malt ($8-$11).