BQ Afro Root Cuisine

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This Uptown Nigerian BYOB is heavy on authentic meat-based dishes, generous with spices, and lacking any pomp and circumstance whatsoever. In other words, it has all the makings of a neighborhood favorite. Grab a menu and pick your main dish (choose from various preparations of chicken, beef, fish, goat and other seasonal offerings) then pair it with a colorful side, including black-eyed peas, sweet plantains, efo (fish-infused spinach) and white rice with spicy chili sauce. Dishes such as yam porridge (asaro) and pepper soup rule the dinner menu, but no meal is complete without at least a taste of ogbono stew, an authentic dish that includes mixed meat, fish and seafood in a chili-based sauce. A cozy interior decorated with flowing floor-to-ceiling fabric (including a Nigerian flag) and a friendly vibe ensure that even newbies to Nigerian cuisine feel welcome--just be sure to bring a hearty appetite.