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If Augie's were a person (let's call him Augie), he'd probably be a lot like the "Da Bears" guys on the old "Saturday Night Live" skit. That is, he would be in his forties, blue-collar, wearing a Bears jacket and drinking a beer--which, incidentally, is also a good description of most of the clientele at this spacious, comfy neighborhood bar in Lincoln Park. The friendly ambience is enhanced by oak tables, cushioned barstools and talkative bartenders. Augie's Monday Night Volleyball League plays on an outdoor court from May through October (Volleyball League Nights feature $6 pitchers of Miller Lite and Genuine Draft). But the highlight of the place is undoubtedly the two TV sets (there are nine TVs total, usually showing sports) installed IN THE FLOOR--just in case you end up face down after one too many, perhaps?