Updated 3:40 pm, July 9, 2014

Under the meticulous and hands-on management of Andy Tran and Lisa Truong,  Golden Panda in Antioch has recently received many changes. After acquiring the Chinese restaurant in March 2012, the new owners improved the leadership and management throughout the entire restaurant. These changes allowed them to address any inconsistencies in food, customer service and overall operations.


"Consistent quality of food, friendly service and overall cleanliness are our top priority," Andy Trand and Lisa Truong, owners of Golden Panda, said. "The customer's satisfaction is our No. 1 priority!"


Customers will also appreciate the fundamental improvements the new owners have made to Golden Panda. The Antioch Chinese restaurant received a facelift, providing an enhanced, cleaner look that makes the restaurant an excellent venue for sharing meals with family, friends and business associates. 


Golden Panda offers excellent Asian cuisine, specializing in delectable Chinese food and Vietnamese food that simply explodes with the rich flavors of the Orient. Golden Panda offers a variety of lunch specials, including shrimp with broccoli, chicken in garlic sauce, chicken with cashew nuts, Mongolian beef, pepper steak and more. Dinner at the Chinese restaurant also features many options for customers, such as a variety of traditional appetizers and soups, house specialties, chicken dishes, shrimp dishes, beef or pork dishes, vegetable options, lo mein, and fried rice. Many of Golden Panda’s prepared dishes come in hot and spicy, but they can be modified according to the customer’s taste.


For more information about any of Golden Panda’s offerings, call 847-838-1088 or visit the Chinese restaurant at 422 Lake St. in Antioch.


About Golden Panda


Golden Panda is a specialty restaurant in Antioch that offers Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine. The Chinese restaurant features a variety of dishes for both lunch and dinner. Golden Panda focuses on producing quality food that customers will enjoy.