Updated 5:39 pm, June 30, 2015
Greetings from the Metromix staff,

Since 1997, Metromix has been helping city dwellers decide where to eat and drink, which concerts to catch and the clubs that are worth waiting in line for. And now, we’re extending our coverage to readers with varied interests across the city or in the suburbs. Metromix is your go-to guide when it comes to events, restaurants, bars, museums, theaters (and everything in between).  

We at Metromix realize that every group needs a token expert who makes reservations at the hot new bar or restaurant in town and is “in the know” about the must-see and -do activities. If you’re either tired of being that person or don’t have that certain someone in your inner circle, you can rest easy—we’ve got you covered.

We fancy ourselves experts when it comes to Chicago’s city and suburban entertainment and extracurricular activities. We spend our days curating guides and roundups of places and events for our readers who need to mix up their routines, add some pizzazz to their days or who are just plain indecisive. We put a lot of care into hand-selecting the info we’re featuring, because we know that your time is precious so the time you have left for fun should be maximized. 

Experience the new Metromix, now on all of your devices and in app form. With entertainment listings that cover the city and the suburbs, curated Metromix Picks and more, we’re your go-to source so you can spend less time planning, and more time doing.
When you’re so accustomed to doing the same things and going to the same places, it's hard to branch out. We know the struggle. Looking for the best first date spot in Logan Square or the perfect restaurant to take a large group for your birthday? We’ve hand-selected spots with those very important occasions in mind.

On Metromix, find events happening in your area on any given day—anything and everything from little-known comedy shows to large production theater shows, community festivals, wine tastings, expos, classes, museum exhibits, kid-friendly events and so much more. Visit Metromix daily to read our “best bets”—where we round up the day’s top events that we think you should check out. 

Best of all, we’re now available on-the-go, with a mobile-friendly site and newly released, free mobile “Metromix Picks" app, which serves as your personal event planner—day or night, on the fly, anytime, anywhere. And, if you so choose, the app’s geolocation feature will even help direct you to events happening nearby. Check out our new look at

About Metromix Picks  
  • The editors of have curated their top picks in categories like concerts, brunch spots, art showings and much more.
  • Metromix Picks lets you choose from a variety of entertaining events specially selected for you by the editors.
  • You can find events happening near you, buy tickets, and even share and create plans with friends right from the app.

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Jessica Cantarelli, Metromix Editor