Updated 11:17 am, March 9, 2015
Spring has sprung! Our favorite patios are opening soon, and so are these seasonal eateries. Grab food on the beach or pick up a cup of creamy gelato. 

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Black Dog Gelato: Roscoe Village

1351 W. Belmont Ave.
When: Full summer hours return in May
What: Black Dog Gelato offers flavors both conventional (vanilla bean, milk chocolate, pistachio) and unusual (salted peanut, goat cheese-cashew caramel, roasted red pepper).

Black Dog Gelato: Ukrainian Village
859 N. Damen Ave
When: Full summer hours return in May
What: From the benches out front to the pushcart that roams surrounding neighborhoods, a sense of whimsy and fun infuses the whole operation.

Rainbow Cone

9233 S. Western Ave.
When: Now open, full summer hours returning soon
What: The five-flavor Rainbow Cone, which features chocolate, pistachio, strawberry and Palmer House (a cherry-nut blend) ice creams, as well as a layer of orange sherbet.

Scooter's Frozen Custard
1658 W. Belmont Ave.
When: Now open, full summer hours returning after Memorial Day
What: Take a chill at this old-fashioned frozen custard stand in Lakeview. For those of you new to this classic treat, it was originally created at Coney Island at the turn of the century.

1603 N. Lake Shore Drive
When: Memorial Day weekend 2015
What: Affectionately known to locals as “Casty’s," the downstairs concession stands serve hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream, but the rooftop is a full-service bar and restaurant. 

Caffe Oliva
Ohio Street Beach
When: Now open for the season
What: Enjoy fish and chips, burgers, beer and more at this Ohio Street Beach restaurant. Be sure to try the lamb meatballs, too. 

The Dock

Montrose Beach
When: May 2015
What: There are so many options at this beachfront eatery. For sandwiches, order a pretzel roll, ciabatta, foccacia or egg roll, and while you wait for your food to arrive, munch on chips and guac. 

Mario’s Italian Lemonade

1068 W. Taylor St.
When: TBA
What: Mario's ices consist of chilled slushlike lemonade, fruit and syrups in various flavors including fruit cocktail, pina colada, chocolate and banana.