Friendly Staff Has Lincoln Park Area Sports Bar Customer Coming Back.—Mike W.

Thu., Jan. 24, 8:43 p.m.

I am not much of a city person, but more of a country boy. When I was in Wrigleyville before a Cubs’ game with a few friends, the staff at Rockwood Place was so friendly. They told us to come back after the beer, and they would by us a drink. Well, we stayed true to our word and came back; they bought us those beers. They are all so warmhearted and welcoming.  I am a diehard Nebraska football fan, and recently they offered a partybus/tailgate event to the Nebraska vs Northwestern Football Game. I proposed at the tailgate to my now fiancé. They are part of our family now, a home away from home. I would do anything for them.

—Mike W.

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Rockwood Place
3466 N. Clark St. | 773-880-2222