Momcorn of Gurnee Offers Low-Calorie Menu Options

Each new year, Americans make resolutions to lose weight and to save money; however, many people think this means they have to eat at home in order to eat smart to stay within their diet and budget. At Momcorn in Gurnee, customers can enjoy delicious Latin American and Mexican foods that are also low in calories and friendly for every budget.
“Momcorn’s menu is full of items that cost between $2 and $3.50. There are a number of combo meals and other special deals to appeal to the cost-conscious consumer. Customers can feast for under $10 per person,” Kathy Ross, co-owner of Momcorn, said.
Many of Momcorn's signature items are low in fat, high in fiber, and have no preservatives or sugars. For example, the sope with chicken combo is a three-course meal that is less than 500 calories when paired with tortilla soup and a salad with vinaigrette dressing. The chicken tamales are high in fiber and low in fat at less than 250 calories each, and they are made with vegetable shortening and vegetable oil. Momcorn‘s salads are made with only fresh ingredients; each one is prepared to order and never sits pre-made in a cooler.
As for low-calorie desserts, Momcorn offers fresh-cut fruit and sweet tamales.
"If you live in Gurnee or the surrounding areas, you have probably heard of Momcorn. Go ahead, come in and indulge in a delicious, guilt-free meal today! Visit Momcorn now; you know you want to," Ross said.
For more information about Momcorn, call 224-610-0407, view the restaurant on the Web at or on Facebook. Momcorn is located at 5101 Washington St., Suite 2, in Gurnee.
About Momcorn
Momcorn is a relatively young business that was established in 2010 and specializes in ancient Latin American recipes to create healthy, convenient and quick meals. The restaurant serves a varied menu of flavorful, corn-based foods from Mexico, as well as Central and South America. All dishes are prepared to order in an open kitchen and are made from scratch using authentic techniques.
Momcorn is a great alternative to fast food but is still quick. In fact, many of its "grab'n go" snacks are natural, healthy, nutritious, different, varied and delicious.


5101 Washingston St. | 224-610-0407