Updated 3:39 pm, July 9, 2014

Naperville is anything but short of variety when it comes to restaurants and bars. Check out some of the suburb's staples. Don't forget to check out Naperville's newest bars and restaurants.

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Grab some grub 

Bangkok Restaurant

Blackfinn American Saloon
Boraan's Restaurant
Braconi's Restaurant & Pizzeria
Cafe 'n Play
Cafe Buonaro's
CityGate Grille

Cookie Dough Creations
El Burrito Loco
Ginger and Garlic
Heaven on Seven Naperville
Jimmy's Grill
La Sorella di Francesca
Lusha's Restaurant and Lounge
Macarena Tapas
Mimi's Cafe
Navarro's of Naperville
Pepe's Mexican Restaurant
Potter's Place
Rosebud Pizzeria
Traverso's Restaurant
Walker's Charhouse
Wild Tuna
White Chocolate Grill

Throw back a few:

Bottoms Up
CrossTown Pub & Grill
Features Bar & Grill

Jilly's on Main Street
Mr. Shesha's Coffeehouse
Orazio Pub
Quigley's Irish Pub
Tommy Nevin's Pub
Zorba Lounge