Updated 3:39 pm, July 9, 2014

Many of Momcorn's American customers who have lived in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador, Venezuela, Belize, and other Central and South American countries, as well as customers from those countries, frequently comment on the authenticity of the flavors in Momcorn's signature dishes. Eating at Momcorn in Gurnee brings them back in time and refreshes their fond memories. As many of them say, “The flavor of this dish reminds me of what my grandma used to make.”

“Our unique menu of street and market foods that are popular in many Latin countries is getting rave reviews in Gurnee,” Kathy Ross of Momcorn said.

Favorite dishes at Momcorn include tamales, quesadillas, sopes, empanadas, pozole and tortilla soup, horchata and chicha morada, and atole and champurrado. All of these items are made from scratch in the Momcorn kitchen using authentic recipes and traditional methods of preparation.

The quesadillas, for instance, are made with a fresh corn tortilla mixed from scratch and hand pressed. Momcorn's quesadillas are cooked-to-order with a choice of fillings, such as cheese and epazote, a Mexican herb with a very distinctive flavor that is truly delectable and impossible to describe. Customers have said they are the most delicious quesadillas they have eaten in the U.S. and comparable only to the best they have eaten in Latin America.

Chicha morada, or chicha, on the other hand, is a popular beverage in Peru and Ecuador that is made with Peruvian purple corn and spices. Served cold, it is delicious and loaded with antioxidants, which provide many documented health benefits. The hot beverage called champurrado is a fabulous mixture of piloncillo sugar, chocolate, star anise and white corn masa, which is a warm and satisfying way to start the day.

Momcorn’s food is also perfect for winter. Customers can call, click or come in for a fabulous way to warm up on nippy days and nights. For those too cold to leave home, Momcorn delivers. Orders are accepted online or over the phone.

"Whether you're buying a complete meal or just a drink or a snack; whether you spend one dollar or twenty, you will feel welcome and right at home at Momcorn," Ross said. 

For more information about Momcorn, call 224-610-0407, view the restaurant on the Web at or on Facebook. Momcorn is located at 5101 Washington St., Suite 2, in Gurnee

About Momcorn

Momcorn is a relatively young business that was established in 2010 and specializes in ancient Latin American recipes to create healthy, convenient and quick meals. The restaurant serves a varied menu of flavorful, corn-based foods from Mexico, as well as Central and South America. All dishes are prepared to order in an open kitchen and are made from scratch using authentic techniques.

Momcorn is a great alternative to fast food but is still quick. In fact, many of its "grab'n go" snacks are natural, healthy, nutritious, different, varied and delicious.

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