Updated 3:40 pm, July 9, 2014

The Momcorn commitment to providing natural foods from Latin and South America is an excellent fit for people with special dietary needs. The menu at the Gurnee Mexican food restaurant is designed to provide tasty choices for everyone.

Vegetarians will find a variety of meatless and/or vegan choices, such as its popular burritos, tortas, tacos made with portobello mushrooms or an assortment of vegetables, and vegetarian or vegan flautas, sopes and quesadillas. Momcorn’s refried beans are made from scratch and contain no animal products. Momcorn’s black bean soup is also vegetarian.

Diners requiring gluten-free foods have many choices at Momcorn. Most of Momcorn’s menu is made from corn and contains no gluten. In particular, the tamales, flautas, quesadillas and tacos are totally gluten free. For highly sensitive people, Momcorn can prepare dishes in a completely gluten-free way.

Momcorn also has items that work for diets that do not include grains, like the Paleolithic Diet. Egg dishes, salads with generous portions of meat, and fresh fruit options are available every day for every meal.

The made-from-scratch foods at Momcorn are low in sugars and fats, and have no preservatives. Individuals who are looking for fresh, wholesome food, made to order and quickly served, will find that the Momcorn menu provides a wide choice of flavorful foods.

Momcorn also offers options at a range of price points for folks on a budget. A wide variety of traditional items can be purchased individually for around $2 each. Meals are available for under $10 per person. Full meals options include a soup, a salad, a main course and a dessert.

For more information about Momcorn, call 224-610-0407, view the restaurant on the Web at or on Facebook, or visit 5101 Washington St., Suite 2, in Gurnee.

About Momcorn

Momcorn is a relatively young business that was established in 2010 and specializes in ancient Latin American recipes to create healthy, convenient and quick meals. The restaurant serves a varied menu of flavorful, corn-based foods from Mexico, as well as Central and South America. All dishes are prepared to order in an open kitchen and are made from scratch using authentic techniques.

Momcorn is a great alternative to fast food but is still quick. In fact, many of its "grab'n go" snacks are natural, healthy, nutritious, different, varied and delicious.

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