Lincoln Park Resident Enjoys Excellent Food at Local Bar --Terri J.

Fri., Nov. 16, 12:39 a.m.

Each time I'm at Gaslight Bar and Grille it's a 10.  The food is excellent and teh experience is great.  The staff is welcoming and super friendly!  I return often and I recommend this place to people all the time. --Terri J. of Lincoln Park

Gaslight is Chicago's leading hot spot for great food and the best drinks. It is also a cozy place to have a great time after a hard day at work. Established in 2002, the bar and grill restaurant boasts a creative menu. Some popular food items are the brie cheese-stuffed turkey burger, the lolly pop lamb chops and of course, the skillet cookie. Gaslight has a large selection of drinks from craft beers to imports to handcrafted cocktails to fine wines. It's a well-established and family-friendly neighborhood favorite.

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Gaslight Bar & Grille
2450 N. Clark St. | 773-929-7759