Start Seeing Monarchs
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Kimberley Savino, founder of the Start Seeing Monarchs Organization, will describe her mission to bring back monarch butterflies. There are steps we can take now to protect the Monarchs' future. Find out what you and your family can do to help Why you should care The Monarchs' dwindling population is a sign that all is not right with the world. Butterflies are on the decline due to humans reducing the number of pollinators by destroying their habitats and migratory nectar through the misuse of herbicides and pesticides. Habitat loss, deforestation, and climate change are also major contributing factors. Kim Savino, a teacher at an elementary school in Schaumburg, is enrolled in a graduate school program at Miami University, which is also affiliated with Brookfield Zoological Society and Project Dragonfly. The focus of her studies revolves around saving the Monarch butterfly and doing everything she can to remove this invertebrate from the endangered species list.