Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival
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Independent films from across the world are shown, and will then compete for awards at a ceremony being livestreamed on YouTube on Friday, Aug. 11.Each festival night will showcase a feature film along with accompanying short films beforehand. 8/3 7 p.m.: “September Morning” (United States)Five college freshmen experience 9/11 and its aftermath from their dorm room.The feature film will be preceded by four short films:“Hijo Por Hijo (Child For Child)” (Venezuela / United States) A Venezuelan kidnapper deals with unexpected events while completing his last job.“Husbands and Wives” (United States)Jen and Sara have dark fantasies about their husbands.“Save” (Spain)New parents experience the reality of having a child.“The Transfer” (Israel / Germany)Three Israeli soldiers lead a prisoner through the desert.Friday, August 4 at 7 p.m.“Monkey” (Bulgaria)The father of two half-sisters falls into a coma.The feature film will be preceded by three short films:“Lenses” (United States)Two camera store employees are confused when someone wants to purchase a camera.“Cliff, Superfan” (United States)Documentary about Clifford Hayashi, a Stanford “superfan.”“L’accompagnante (The Accompanying Dancer)” (France)A story is described in the form of eight dances.Saturday, August 5 at 7 p.m.“I Am Still Here” (United States)A ten-year-old girl is kidnapped and sold into sex slavery.The feature film will be preceded by four short films:“Illegal Aliens” (United States)A town council meeting is held to determine if a ban on immigrants should be placed.“I Love New York” (United States)An NYC newcomer meets a girl on the train.“The Visitant” (Australia)A husband sees his wife kiss another man goodnight.“Neighbor” (United States)A homeless man witnesses a kidnapping.Sunday, August 6 at 8:30 p.m.“Two Worlds” (Poland)A documentary about a twelve-year-old girl with two deaf parents.The feature film will be preceded by three short films:“Wintry Spring” (Egypt)A girl who lives alone with her father must deal with puberty.“Lunch Time” (Islamic Republic of Iran)A 16-year-old girl must identify the body of her mother.“Fish” (Islamic Republic of Iran)A woman tries to save her fish from dying.Monday, August 7 at 7 p.m.“Across the River” (United Kingdom)Two ex-lovers reminisce on what they once had.The feature film will be preceded by three short films:“That Party That One Night” (United States)A high-school girl is ditched by her friends at a party.“For My Next Trick” (United Kingdom)A young girl sets out to become a master magician.“The Man Who Built Cambodia” (Cambodia)A documentary about architect Vann Molyvann.Tuesday, August 8 at 7 p.m.“Shreelancer” (India)A copywriter in Bangalore deals with his own self doubt.The feature film will be preceded by three short films:“Das Paket (The Parcel)” (Germany)A man receives anonymous packages in the distant future.“Stung” (United States)A heartbroken boy still loves his ex-girlfriend.“Six Degrees of Separation” (Mexico)A day-in-the-life documentary about multiple different Mexican families.Wednesday, August 9 at 7 p.m.“Everything in the Song is True” (United States)A documentary about four cowboys.The feature film will be preceded by three short films:“Das Fischer” (United States)A young German travels to Idaho.“Spaceman.” (United States)A man sets out to become an astronaut.“Closer Than They Appear” (Russia)A six-year-old runs away to find his estranged father.Thursday, August 10 at 7 p.m.“Gold Star” (United States)A woman becomes her father’s primary caretaker after his stroke.The feature film will be preceded by four short films:“Konig Opa (King Grandpa)” (German)A man uses storytelling as a way to honor his grandfather’s memory.“Ya Albi” (United States)An immigrant to the United States struggles to bring her husband overseas.“Peaceful Life” (France)A homeless man is robbed of his prized possession.“The Orange Story” (United States)A store owner must abandon his life after the government orders the internment of Japanese Americans.